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A simple TPR lesson.   1 comment

It is always hard teaching really low proficiency students, as they are often demotivated and found traditional sit-down lesson horribly boring. One of the best trick we could use is Total Physical Response. TPR is an English Language Teaching Methodology where physical movements are used in the teaching. As the kids move about, theres is a lesser chance of them falling asleep and all.

I applied principles of TPR in my recent literature revision session with my 2 Jauhari students. the lesson goes like this:

1. SS put into groups, and each groups are assigned a stanza of the poem.
2. Each group will then do dictionary work on the words they have forgotten
3. Groups will then assign a reader to read the stanza, while the rest of the members will ‘role play’ the stanzas


4. SS are given time to practice, and teacher walks around making sure they are ok.
5. Presentation. when each group are done, teacher will ask SS questions to ensure they understand the stanzas
6. 1 student form each group will present their stanzas, while the rest of the SS follows the ‘role play’

This is a simple way to integrate TPR into a literature lesson. Why don’t you try it out?